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  How I started in Internet Marketing, many people may have heard this expression –  “Making Money on Line”.

In today’s fast moving world we and our children have many ways of earning income. I still recall the days when I would leave home at 5:30am on Saturday and Sunday to work as a laborer on a farm to earn money for school and other activities. Today my children can earn many times more without leaving home.

This is an incredible time we live in and as I build this blog I am going to relate real life experiences as have happened or are happening, follow along and don’t be afraid to comment. We can all learn from each other and the more we give out not only do we feel good but it tends to come back to us in bigger quantities.

Just recently I faced a financial crisis I thought would see my life’s work go up in smoke, I put it out to some members of a private group I belong to. Now over the years I have given out to others as is my belief and within 24 hours I received help for my situation and I am on the way to recovery. It will take time but I am back in the game so to speak.

If you find yourself in a position of facing financial ruin, take hope there is a way to earn fast cash and the simplest way I know is disclosed in the free report I am offering here, so just enter your name and email into the form on the right side and read of 2 methods you can employ right now, today. Ok, so lets get on with my story.

My first encounter

I had my first encounter with a computer way back in 1991, the days of Word Perfect and other such software.

I was a Public Service Officer at the time and I had no intentions in getting involved in computers and such technology.

But things change and I have accepted it as part of our progress in life.

I left the service about a year later and began to work for myself offering a special mobile service to real estate agents.

This is where I really became interested in computers and their ability to do enormous amounts of work in a very short time.

I also saw that they were an avenue for possible income.

I watched carefully as my clients used bulky desk top units and soon heard about data bases and word processing. I bought my first computer a couple of months later and quickly had my business running quite well using this technology.

I had no idea where this was going to lead me.

Sometime around 2002 things changed, I had moved to another part of the state and was now working in health. Almost everything was computer controlled in some way.

Equipment and filing systems, even the ovens used in the kitchen of the hospital where I worked were computer controlled.

Today I have a cell phone that has more processing power and memory than my first computer. Even my camera has enormous processing power.

So where did I come to the realization that I could possibly earn a good living from the Internet?

The hunt was on, little did I know the learning curve I was about to slide on, not ride on, I did way more sliding than riding.

I read everything I could get for free, Wikipedia became my new friend. I learned new terms, graphics, themes, word press and many more.

Confusion began to make a nice home in my psyche.my internet marketing journey

I very soon had thoughts of “This is for others, I don’t have the ability” and depression also made a visit. I knew it could be done but no matter what I tried it didn’t seem to work.

Then began the shiny object syndrome where I bought near every product that came across my desk or more correctly desktop.

Money began to flow out, not in, as I believed it would. This had to stop. Oh, I had the occasional success here and there but not the consistency I wanted.

So I took the unheard of step of emailing a few “Gurus” and had the audacity to ask them to either help me or tell me how. What in the world did I think I was doing.

I very quickly learned that is not the way it is done, so I retreated again and regrouped for another attack. This time I did it a little differently.

Many marketers offered “Free Reports” if I traded my email.

Now I’m not silly, I know how to get a dummy address and armed with this I got my hands on every freebie I could.

So what did I end up with? A lot of worthless junk in many cases but there were some gems in the rubbish. Now I had a a starting point so I thought.

In the mire of freebies was a small report by a marketer who was to become known as the Hippy Marketer.

Again I took the bold step of writing him and lo and behold he answered. He told me exactly what he did. So armed with this new information I followed his steps.

I finally had a site up and running and actually getting visitors, but then Google did its usual thing and all was gone from the rankings in a flash.

I was back to square one.

Undeterred I plowed on trying more and more things. Finally I came across a product about the time I was about to simply shut shop and sell my computer.

I gave it one more try and this time I began to see some results. A few weeks later I watched a webinar and with the help of a friend I entered the promoted course.

Follow me as I begin my journey under the watchful guidance of a successful marketer. One of the first lessons I have learned is that of something called mindset.

I am beginning to see the value of how we see the world we live in and more importantly our approach to it.

You are reading this on the site I have constructed under the guidance of a patient Internet Marketing teacher, more to come………………

Do you have any ideas or advice that can help me build a better more informative blog? If you do then please, leave a comment below.

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We have not received any compensation for writing this post. We have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that we have mentioned.

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